What it takes to become a mountain guide?

To work as a mountain guide is fun but at the same time a very demanding job. Guiding means providing a safe and rewarding experience for your clients, so you’ve gotta enjoy interacting with new people and know how to do it depending on the situation. You need to be a teacher, psychologist, a best friend and a doctor at the same time.

For the last four years, I have been guiding hiking trips for Green Visions, a travel agency based in Sarajevo. My life has completely changed since the day I filled up an application for a mountain guide position in this agency.

I had just finished the faculty and received a Master degree in Sociology. That was the time when I was still figuring out what I want to do with my life, and where I want to build my career. I was confused and had absolutely no clue what to do next. The only thing I could sense is that my passion was always pulling me toward researching ideas and exploring nature, myself and the region where I am living. Clearly, life showed me a path to have all this.

When I’m talking about my career as a mountain guide, sometimes I hear comments like “I also like hiking and traveling, I could be a guide as well.” Yes, It’s important you love to hike and travel. But, you shouldn’t become a guide if you’re just looking for a career that allows you to hike and travel full-time. Being a mountain guide is so much more!

Better then being outhere an only be sharing the joy with others...thus 'guiding' is extremely fulfilling activity and natural choice for becoming/being the vocation. Lorenc Konaj, Green Visions

To be a mountain guide you need to love people. Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing that it's not your goals that matter. But the biggest reward is when you help someone to achieve something they didn't think they could. Marian Marbury,  Adventure in Good Company

Being & Staying the best!

When I look at myself today, I can see I have changed a lot after four years of guiding. Spending a lot of time outdoor improved my health, I’m more fit as I spend half of the year guiding clients across the Dinaric Alps. I have more patience and a better perception of things happening around me. I learned a lot about myself. The key is to be open for all knowledge and ideas that nature, other mountain guides, and clients share with you.

During each tour, I learn something new from my clients, mountains, and employees working in hotels, restaurants, etc. All this I use in future trips. It’s important always to work on improvements!

To be a mountain guide is to explore yourself, not the mountains. Kenan Muslić, Green Visions

I love being a guide so I can share my love of the outdoors with others. The company I guide for is an all women's adventure travel company. It's wonderful to see how inexperienced women can change in one week and have more confidence in themselves and abilites.  Gina Bevino, Adventure in Good Company

Passion, Love, and Happiness

When you’re passionate about something you do people can see it and feel it in your energy, and the way you talk and act. If you’re passionate about guiding, and mountains, plants, rivers and all other things guiding in the mountains includes, you will transfer that energy and attract clients to be more interested in all that. They will return home satisfied, happy and fulfilled.

To love to work with people is crucial! Mountain guides have almost no time for themselves, and with that, you need to be ok. Talking for hours and hours and answering a lot of questions and repeating them is how every day looks on this job. Without a doubt, mountain guide needs to enjoy doing everything that is in your power as a guide to make your trip the best holiday they ever had! Furthermore, reading reactions of people, and have the ability to conclude what stands behind anything clients say or don’t say is a “superpower” of best guides.

In year 2000 was my first touch with magical world of the mountains. My passion for the mountains and the rigors of the outdoors, combined with the warm-heartedness of the local people, left an indelible impression on me. it is my great pleasure to share with you this part of the world which takes special place in my heart- the Dinaric Alps.  Samer Hajrić, Green Visions

Beautiful screensaver what is constantly changing in front my eyes where ever I look, adventure what I experience, meeting new interesting people who want me to give them my best knowledge and Im happy to do it. That's my job and the best description is: "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal" (Paolo Coelho). My job is a Mountain guide. Eldar Fazlagic, Green Visions

On the top of Omiska Dinara
Hike with Adventure in Good Company women in the Balkans
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