The Waterfall Crni Vir in Herzegovina – Wild Swimming Spot

If you like spending time in nature, but not eager to walk a lot then visit Crni Vir Waterfall is perfect for you. This 300 meters high cascading waterfall is quite unknown, even among many Bosnian citizens.

Bosnia and Herzegovina isn’t that big country, but it is full of natural wonders. It is rich with dense forests, numerous rivers, lakes, and beautiful wild mountains. The most of these extraordinary places are still mysteries waiting to be discovered. The mysteries we need to promote, but also to protect. There are few natural parks and protected areas, but unfortunately, given the enormous natural wealth, this is definitely not enough.

The best thing in Bosnia and Herzegovina is that after just one hour of walking or less, you can quickly go from the city center into the wilderness. For that reason, you don’t even need to have a car.

Many hidden corners are waiting to discover even by us, citizens of this country. Very often it’s possible to discover something new very close to your home. We travel to see new places, but from time to time it’s nice to act like a tourist in our own town/ country. Prepare your walking shoes and let the adventure begin. As J.R. Tolkien said, „If you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.“

Crni Vir in November
Dzajica Village and Neretva River

When and how to get to the Waterfall?

Crni Vir Waterfall is situated in the small village of Dzajici, next to Konjic town. It’s the southern part of the country, known as Herzegovina. That means a lot of sunny days and warmer temperature than in the center part of the country.

To the village goes a road that follows the gorgeous mountain river Neretva upstream through the town. When you reach the second rafting center – Dzajica Buk park a car and then take a short walk (approx. 15 minutes) to the fall.

If you continue along the path, a little bit above the fall, in the distance you will see water tumbling few hundred meters from the rock-forming another waterfall and a small narrow spring. Local residents have the same name for the waterfall and spring – Crni Vir or Dzajica Spring/Waterfall.

In Spring, before a rafting season starts on Neretva river, this is a quiet place where you can relax from daily stress and connect with nature and your loved ones. During summer months you won’t have this place for yourself, but it will still take your breath away.

If you’re driving from Sarajevo towards Mostar, then entering into Konjic town on the first traffic light turn left. You will pass by Stara Cuprija bridge, a renovated Ottoman bridge, from where you need to continue forward and drive across Neretva river to the other bank. Follow the river all the time and on the next crossroad turn left. Soon, you will come to Dzaja Raft and further down to a second rafting center – Dzajica Buk, where you can park your car.

Enjoy in drink and view of emerald green Neretva river on the terrace of Dzajica Buk rafting center. For the waterfall turn right uphill and follow the road through a village for around 15 minutes. When you come to the end of asphalt road you will hear the sound of water. Continue along the narrow dirt road and in a few steps, you will see the waterfall.

What else to see and do?


  • City tour in Konjic
  • Visit Tito’s atomic shelter (20 BAM per person)
  • White water rafting on the beautiful, clean mountain river of Neretva
  • Mountain biking from Konjic to Visocica or Bjelasnica mountains
  • Visit Boracko Lake (there is some entrance fee )

If you’re thinking about rafting on Neretva river check this video:

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