Unusual Attraction in Bosnia: Sand Pyramids!

Would you like to see an unusual attraction in Bosnia that is not touristy?

Bosnia and Herzegovina has many non-touristy, cool, and hidden attractions that you should put on your bucket list.

We would recommend you one place that even many locals don’t know it exists – The Sand Pyramids in eastern Bosnia, close to the Sutjeska National Park, and a border with Montenegro.

The Sand Pyramids are an interesting geomorphological phenomenon that is unique in our country and very rare in the world. Similar sedimentary rock formations can be seen in Europe in the Alps, like those in the Italian Dolomites, in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado (USA), and the Devil’s Town in Serbia.

How did 'Sand Pyramids' originate?

This unusual attraction was first mentioned during the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in this region. But, scientists estimate they were formed 200 years ago.

If I was a geologist, I would give you a detailed scientific explanation of how nature made this masterpiece. About how sedimentary rocks are formed by the action of physical, chemical, and biological processes of older rock wear at low temperatures and pressures.

But, I’m not, so I will explain what I understood after reading the works of geologists on this topic. And after reading what locals say. Although, if you’re interested in rock formations, I would recommend researching more about it, because, it’s a really interesting topic.

In short, the product of rock wear at the surface or shallow below the Earth’s surface is sandy clay, which over the centuries through the process of erosion made these interesting pillars. Rain, wind, frost, and the Sun, shaped them to look like pyramids.

This process is still ongoing, therefore the pillars are changing, growing, reducing, gradually disappearing, and re-emerging. Some pillars are up to 20 meters high. They are organized in the line and situated on the steep terrain in the middle of the forest, next to the local-village road.

Where in Bosnia is this unusual attraction?

These sedimentary pillars, known as Sand Pyramids (Pjescane Piramide on Bosnian), are located in the village of Dancici, just 9 km away from Foca town. And 4 km away from the main road Sarajevo – Miljevina – Foca.

Sarajevo – Sand Pyramids 75 km.

How to get to Sand Pyramids?

These interesting rock formations are 75 km east from Sarajevo toward Foca town and Sutjeska National Park.

Trip to the Sand Pyramids is an excellent idea for a day trip from Sarajevo.
This road trip takes you through the countryside of Bosnia, along the river Zeljeznica and through the stunning canyon of Bistrica River.

In Miljevina Village, 9 km away from Foca, after a gas station, take a turn left from the road M-18 to a small village road. The road is passing beside the coal mine and through the village Budanj. The first part of the road is asphalt, then a macadam appears. It’s possible to go with any type of car, but you just need to be careful in some sections because of pieces of asphalt with holes.

After the mine turn right and the road will start to ascent. According to the Google map and signposts on the road, you can also turn left behind the mine, but it looks like it’s a little bit longer way. So, just go right and then you will ascent and join on that longer road. Take a turn right toward village Budanj, and just drive until you see Sand Pyramids in front of you.

It is a 4 km drive from Miljevina to the Sand Pyramids.

There are also signposts for a 20 km cycling route from Miljevina to Foca, which is passing by this unusual attraction in Bosnia.

What else to see and do?

During long summer days, you can combine, as we did, a hike to Lelija Mountain and its highest peak (a section of the Via Dinarica White Trail) and visit of the Sand Pyramids. This is a great one day trip from Sarajevo.

Just 40 km away from Miljevina (100km from Sarajevo, 2h) is the biggest and oldest national park in Bosnia – Sutjeska National Park. A place with numerous wonderful and must-do hikes if you’re an avid hiker.

But, if you’re not eager to walk you can try white river rafting on Tara (one of Europe’s deepest canyons) & Drina River. Go to one of many rafting camps in Bastasi Village (33 km from Miljevina) situated on the right side of the beautiful Drina River. Enjoy in homemade food, craft beers, live music, and rafting.

I hope there will be more 'sand pyramids' in a couple of years
We even saw a few small rock formations below the big ones. Maybe some new ones, just born?
Wonderful viewpoint, but it would be nice to have a bench there
Bosnia's Colorado
A view from the village road. It looks like a set for some movie.

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