The Village of Lukomir – Port of peace!

Lukomir, the highest and most isolated mountain village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hidden from the civilization at 1.472metres above sea level.

When we look from Sarajevo towards the Mt. Bjelašnica we can only see the northern part and the highest ridge of the Mountain (2.068m) with weather station built on it for Winter Olympics in 1894.  Southern parts covered with beautiful green meadows and paddocks are hidden from the view.

Umoljani Village Starting Point of the Hike

This hiking tour was organized by Green Visions, outdoor adventure organization, for students from the University of Denver.  For me and three others, GV trainees this tour was part of our training to become GV mountain guides. Our guide was Benjamin, experienced mountain guide and living encyclopedia when it comes to Lukomir.

We have all gathered early in the morning in the old part of the city near Bašćaršija and went by van to the village of Umoljani, situated on 1.353 meters above sea level at southern slopes of Mt. Bjelašnica beneath Obalj ridge and Lukomir village.

Our cheerful fellowship began the adventure uphill from the big green meadow, through the merry flowers of June across the slopes of Orlovac hill (1.525m) at Umoljani village and then above the deep canyon of river Rakitnica to our final destination – the village of Lukomir.

Watermills, Creeks and Views of Surrounding Mountains

On our way to the entrance into Rakitnica Canyon we passed by seven small watermills, situated below Sedrenik water spring, on the slopes of Orlovac hill. Today the watermills are renovated just for the touristic purpose, but for centuries they were used in the preparation of flour.

Sedrenik spring never dries up, so here you can always refill your bottles with clean and fresh water. Walking along the canyon of river Rakitnica, that stretches between Visocica and Bjelasnica Mountains, we saw few small villages on Visocica and its northern ridge called Kaoci. The view was breathtaking! We enjoyed in it the whole way to Lukomir village.

This trail is part of Via Dinarica White trail. The stage of mega-hiking trail that runs across Bjelasnica Mountain. 

Previous Location of Lukomir Village

Before arriving in the village we came across a stream of Peruće, that flows below the peak of Obalj and forms cascades that fall into Rakitnica river at 742 meters above sea level.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to see the cascades, but I hope to see them next time.  A long time ago on the stream of Peruće existed about ten watermills that were used by locals of Lukomir village. Today they are only two of them left, but due to their wooden construction and bad weather conditions, they are decaying. 

Walking a little further we came to the place called Donji (Lower) Lukomir, situated at the slopes of Rakitnica river canyon. People have lived here a few decades ago, but the village was destroyed by an avalanche from Obalj peak, so locals moved their settlement to a more secure and higher altitude – the location of present-day Lukomir village, also called the village of Gornji (Upper) Lukomir.

Today, at the place where the village used to be, villagers take their cattle on pasture.  Just as we were passing that way the sheep and goats were grazing on the big green meadows, enjoying the beautiful sunny day. The last few hundred meters before the village we walked carefully, due to some slippery larger stones and strong wind, that was coming directly from Rakitnica river canyon.

Vijenac Viewpoint in Lukomir

On our arrival in Lukomir village, we enjoyed in the beautiful view at the viewpoint of Vijenac, situated on the cliff 800 meters above Rakitnica river. It offers an amazing view over the canyon of Rakitnica river, Mt. Prenj in the distance, Mt. Visočica and its biggest peak of Džamija and over the whole Lukomir village. Such inspiring and relaxing scenery!

Because of this kind of experiences, I think that hiking is like meditating for me. After Benjamin, our mountain guide told us everything about this beautiful village and its surroundings we went to a lunch at the nearby house.

When we arrived Saliha and her daughter Samra greeted us with Saliha’s mother and father. They are one of the oldest families in Lukomir village. Homemade pies and yogurt were waiting for us. This is the best lunch that I have in a long time– enjoying delicious homemade food, clean mountain air and a great view from 1.472 meters above the sea level. Sounds amazing? Come to Lukomir and experience the beauty of this highland village and taste of amazing homemade cuisine.

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