Maglic Mountain: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Highest Peak

Maglic Mountain arises on the south-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the border with Montenegro. Although on the first glimpse, Bosnian Maglic looks higher, it is 10 meters lower than the top of Maglic in Montenegro.  With its 2386 m/ASL Bosnian Maglic is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This mountain is part of the hundreds of kilometers long mountain range of Dinaric Alps in the Southern and Southeastern Europe. The new long-distance trail Via Dinarica traverses the Dinaric Alps on multi-day tours that combine untouched nature and interesting culture of the remote backcountry setting.

For anyone wishing to swap busy hiking trails for the section of new mega-hiking trail, crossing the border between two countries on foot, stunning panorama views, glacial lake swimming and chance to spot indigenous species in their natural habitat of the Sutjeska national park and Piva Nature Park, Via Dinarica: A Hiking Adventure Through Bosnia & Montenegro tour is the best way to spend your summer holiday.

Driving to our starting point

We woke up early in the morning to have breakfast before our challenging 9 hours hike on Maglic Mountain. The van was waiting to transfer us from our hotel in the valley of Sutjeska river up to Lokve Derneciste, our starting point for a hike to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s highest peak.

The gravel road ascends and winds through the oldest national park in Bosnia and beside the border of Primeval forest Perucica. The bumpy road woke me from the sleepiness I usually have while driving in the van.

One hour later we arrived at Lokve Derneciste super excited to start our hike. The day was sunny without any clouds, but who knows what is hiding from another side of the mountain. We will find out when we reach the ridge.

Why you can NOT miss Maglic hike?

As we stepped on a hard-packed dirt trail, my feet were rushing into an adventure. I could hear how the mountain is calling us. The light breeze who caresses our faces and song of birds are her messengers.

The trail leads us through the forest, and open mountainous terrain to the steep rocky wall of Maglic Mountain. As we were passing the green vastness, we had an excellent view of how the trail climbs off to the top. In front of us is a series of cables bolted into the rocks for a safe route up. I thought to myself, how great is to be a mountain goat. They are running through this type of terrain without any hassle. But, with the help of a series of cables, we also advanced quite fast.

Four hours later we were at the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Luckily, no signs of a thunderstorm today! I don’t know where to turn my head. The view is breathtaking! From the two sides, Maglic is separated from other mountains by deep river canyons. The river Sutjeska, after which whole national park got its name, splits Maglic from Zelengora, a green mountain covered with vast pastures.

After Zelengora, following the ridge of Maglic Via Dinarica trail continues deeper into Montenegro, across the canyon of Piva river off to towering peaks of Durmitor Mountain. I love when you can during the hike see mountains and summits you have climbed before. That helps me to build a 3D map of the region in my head. And my mind was drawing like crazy!

While we are eating our lunch at the top beside the monument dedicated to the fallen Partisans in World War II, I went in my head through all routes Partisans took across the wild mountains of Bosnia and Montenegro during their fight against the German occupying forces. The story this monument holds is a story about brotherhood and unity that must never be forgotten!

The heart-shaped lake Trnovacko

In the distance, below the Trnovacki Durmitor and Bioc protected by the natural amphitheater, there is the heart of all these mountains. A glacial lake in the shape of a heart.

We had to pass the long grassy ridge and descend the steep scree slopes of Maglic to get to it. The trail mostly kept its altitude and slowly started to descent during our walk along the ridge. In the beginning, we had a glimpse of turquoise artificial Piva Lake, made as a result of damming once fast mountain river Piva. Please, forgive our past generations who have trapped your adventurous spirit. We hope future generations will be smarter and stop the dam tsunami on the Balkans, so our wild rivers can live wild and free.

After we slowly descend to Trnovacko Lake, we have entered into Piva Nature Park. It was time to reward ourselves with a beer in the camp beside the lake or with a refreshing swim. I chose beer!


View of Hadzica Ravan Plateau and Piva lake from Maglic
Walking on the ridge of Maglic Mountain
This is how the trail goes..
The whole group made it to the top
On the Bosnian Maglic looking toward Montenegro
Soon we are on the highest summit of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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