Jure Franko Hut Trebevic Mountain: Peaceful gateway in the Dinaric Alps

Jure Franko is a cozy wooden hut on the western ridge of Trebevic Mountain. It has a home vibe and a great view of Sarajevo!

Located on the Olympic mountain Trebevic (1,629 m/asl or 5344.488 ft ), rising above Sarajevo, Jure Franko is easily accessible from the city center and Lukavica (East Sarajevo) by car and gondola lift or on foot. A 10-minute gondola ride from the Old town of Sarajevo deposits you onto routes toward the abandoned Olympic bobsled (15-minute walk) or to the top of Trebevic (3 to 4- hour walk) and Jure Franko Hut. The newly marked trail from Lukavica climbs through villages to the west ridge and hut.

Jure Franko Hut got named after a Slovenian-Yugoslav former skier, who won a giant slalom silver medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.

Feels like coming home

The hospitality provided by the hosts in huts has long been a part of the Dinaric Alps experience and tradition. And this secluded mountain hut confirms that!

What makes it special is that it has three hosts. While approaching to Jure Franko, a big fluffy and super friendly dog Dexter will welcome you first. He patiently waits around the hut for new visitors and announces your arrival by barking. Better than bell!

As you open the door, you’re greeted by the aroma of a genuine, regional mountain hut specialties and the chef and owner of the hut Primoz welcome you with a warm hello. Due to the vintage furniture, you will feel like entering into an antique coffee place.

Immediately as you sit down, a rescued cat called Mac will come to ask for a cuddle or to offer you a message with paws, his way of welcoming.

The hardest part about staying at this slice od Dinaric paradise, perched on the edge of a bare ridge, may be convincing yourself to leave.

Dramatic landscape, Sunset & Starry sky from Jure Franko Hut

Situated on the edge of a bare ridge, Jure Franko Hut offers a stunning view of Sarajevo nestled in the valley with numerous mountains surrounding this capital town. The Olympic mountain Bjelasnica with its ski slopes and meteorological observatory on the top. The mountain Visocica with its soaring toothy spire called Puzim peak. And a few more. All leaving visitors enchanted at any time of year.

When the clouds descent low it appears like you’re standing on the deck of a ship and sailing through a white sea. Jure Franko Hut is facing towards the south-west and my oh my what a colorful sunset can be seen from the deck. Thousands of city lights slowly start to appear in the valley in the dusk. Magical!

But, that’s not all. On clear nights behind the hut opens a glimpse of an unparalleled sky above the thick spruce and pine forest and surrounding Treskavica and Jahorina mountain. The silence is absolute. Admire the starry sky with a cup of a mountain herbal tea to warm your hands. That is what I would call a perfect night out!

The city lights in late dusk

Re-connecting with Nature & Peaceful Gateway

Jure Franko is far away from luxurious accommodation it’s a new cozy off-the-grid mountain hut that is still work in progress. In a just few months, from April to the end of summer, with the help of his friends and volunteers, a Slovenian mountain lover Primoz erected this nature retreat from ashes.
Today, in the time when more and more people are suffering from chronic stress doctors are prescribing time in nature. To engage with nature is the best way to cope with stress and to connect with yourself. And Jure Franko Hut is a truly peaceful oasis and a perfect place for that. With its easy accessibility and because it’s settled away from the urban jungle, high above, it daily allures hikers and nature lover.

The electricity comes from solar panels and water is brought in canisters from the closest source. Hopefully, this summer Primoz will manage to drill a water well just a few meters above the hut.

Cell service is available, but if you ask me it’s good to let go of all modern technology for a few days, and let the silence, calmness and stunning landscape engulf you.

The time spend in Jure Franko Hut is fulfilled with small things like making a fire, playing guitar and conversation next to the fireplace under the light of a candle with a glass of wine or can of beer in hand.

Sunrise Hunters

Greet the new day from the top of Trebevic. In just 30-45 minutes you can walk from the hut to the top and watch the sun coming up. Awakening of dawn in all its beauty. Best way to start the day!

In the dawn
Awakening of new day

Useful information

  • How to come by car?
    Type in Google maps SPD Jure Franko and follow it.

Few minutes after you pass the Sunnyland amusement park (left side of the road) you will see on the right side of the road sign that says Vrh Trebevića (Top of Trebevic) next to the sign for the cable car. Turn right on the narrow road. The road passes beside few houses and meanders uphill through the forest.

When you come to the end of a paved road that goes uphill to the top you need to leave your car (if it’s not good for rugged dirt road) and continue to Jure Franko Hut on foot.

From here you need to walk some 30-45 minutes to the Jure Franko Hut. You can leave your car beside the road, there is enough space. From this point there is a paved road that goes downhill to villages on the south slopes of Trebevic. Follow that road on foot for few meters and you will see on the left side sign for hiking trails and also for the hut. The trail is well marked by a white- red circle. It goes uphill through the forest and exits on the western ridge.

  • Hiking trail from Pino Nature Hotel. A well-marked hiking trail that starts from the playground next to the hotel and goes through the forest to the top of Trebevic and Jure Franko Hut.
  • Primoz Juvan is the owner of Jure Franko Hut. You can contact him on Facebook or on cell  00387 63 600 178
  • All year long Primoz is welcoming volunteers from all over the world to experience life in the Dinaric Alps, in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, if you’re traveling and would like to visit Sarajevo and volunteer, then Jure Franko Hut is perfect place! Check his profile on workaway.info Every morning you will enjoy in perfect view and be in good company of Primoz, Mac cat and Dex dog. You will learn a lot from Primoz, as he is very skilled mountaineer, and have fun! And also meet a bunch of new people while working in the hut.
  • Jure Franko Hut is open every weekend for visitors and often during week (contact owner).
  • The hut is pet friendly. 
It's great to watch how Jure Franko Hut is being built. Every time there is something new outside or inside, built and made with the help of owner and volunteers.
Dex and me meditating
Hike toward the top of Trebevic from Jure Franko Hut
Mac the cat
Jure Franko Hut & Sarajevo
View of Bjelasnica Mountain from SPD Jure Franko Hut on Trebevic Bosnia and Herzegovina
A view from the front deck of Jure Franko Hut
View of Visocica illuminated by sun
Finish girls enjoying in Bosnian coffee
Mac & Dexter
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