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Premuzic Trail Croatia: Guide for 3-Day Hike

One of my favorite hikes I have done in Croatia is Premuzic Trail. Croatia has a lot of wonderful hikes, but Velebit has a special place in my heart. This mountain will, for sure, steal your heart with its stunning and diverse landscape. Premuzic Trail takes you through the most inaccessible part of Velebit. The trail is built of drystone and goes through the most impressive karst formation I have ever seen. But, it's not just this what makes Pre ...


Wilderness First Aid in The Balkans

Experiences and advice of Eldar Fazlagić, a member of the Mountain rescue service and a mountain & biking guide Every day we read in the media about the lives of various public figures - politicians, actors, singers, etc. But we often forget about those "ordinary" humble people who inspire us with their passionate work and teach us so many things. My luck is that I often meet this kind of people. Today I'm writing about one guy, whose "obs ...


Easy homemade bread recipe

This is my mum's super easy homemade bread recipe. It's simple and quick, we promise! Even if you're a beginner in making homemade bread. Besides numerous photos, we even filmed the whole process of making bread and upload it on our YouTube channel. This time my mum has used sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and fennel flower seed to sprinkle over bread. But, you can use any other seeds you love. You will find the answer on questions like, how ...


Via Dinarica Blue Trail: Omiska Dinara Hike

In south-eastern Europe, from Slovenia, all the way to Albania following Adriatic coast and going deep into inland stretches mountain range of Dinaric Alps or Dinarides which lures trekkers, climbers and all nature lovers with its beauty and wilderness. This whole area is still quite undiscovered, so if you choose to come here don’t be surprised if during the entire hike you meet just a few hikers or nobody. The new project called Via Dinar ...


Hiking is like meditating: Power of Nature

Hiking across stunning mountains in southeastern Europe helps me to relax and connect with myself in the most powerful way. Mountains are the only place where all my problems and worries totally disappear for at least a couple of hours. For a long time, I wanted to write about my love for mountains and hiking. I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts. Why do I love to hike? How did I fell in love with the mountains? To explain to you that, f ...

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