Hike to Lukomir Highland Village Across Obalj (Video)

Lukomir is the highest and most isolated mountain village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated on Mt. Bjelašnica at 1472 m/a.s.l

In videos below you can see sections of a hike to Lukomir over Obalj peak. Our starting point was Umoljani village (1353 m/a.s.l.) from were we went uphill to the summer shepherd village of Gradina. Here we turned right towards the Obalj ridge. While climbing to the Obalj peak (1896 m/a.s.l.) we enjoyed walking through the beautiful big meadows and in a magnificent view.

The second video is 360-degree panorama view from Obalj peak

From Obalj Peak (1.896 m/a.s.l.) you can see: Krvavac Peak (2.062 m/a.s.l.); zigzag trail that leads toward Bjelasnica (2.067 m/a.s.l)- the highest peak of Bjelasnica Mountain; in the background in haze Mt. Trebević, Mt. Romanija, Mt. Jahorina; then clearly Mt. Treskavica, Mt. Visocica, canyon of Rakitnica river, Lukomir highland village and up above the peak of Lovnica (1.856 m/; in the background in the haze Mt. Prenj.

For more information about Lukomir and Umoljani, a beautiful small mountain villages check out my previous articles!

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