Ethno Village Cardaci: Forget about the stress of urban city life

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are few Ethno villages, tourist destinations that combine rustic architecture and traditional Bosnian motifs with natural surroundings. Perfect places for relaxing weekend getaways, team buildings, and business seminars.

It’s like you are swept off in a completely another world. A fairytale world of small cottages, built and furnished in authentic Bosnian style with ponds and streams around it, and with ducks and swans peacefully floating on the clear water.

If your adventure brings you to central Bosnia take a stop in the small charming Ethno village of Cardaci, which lays on banks of river Lasva, in the small city of Vitez.

Wooden Cottages in Ethno Style

As you enter the village you will found yourself at the small square called “Trg zacudjenih pogleda” (Square of astonished views). From here one path goes between fifteen cottages built with natural materials in Ethno style and placed around a small beautiful lake surrounded by trees. All cottages are built to accommodate guests. The capacity is from one to three persons.

Close to cottages is Cardak Motel. Within it, there is a big conference hall and three smaller meeting rooms. As it’s placed in a peaceful and natural environment it is excellent for business meetings, workshops, lectures, and other gatherings. Afterward one can enjoy in a spa or nice stroll through the village. Relaxing and inspiring!

Fun time in the Pub and Great food in Restaurant

I heard about the Ethno village Cardaci from my sister and friends. As always, the best advertisement is word of mouth, the personal experience of the satisfied guest/customer. My sister attended a workshop and my friends came on a romantic weekend gateway. They were very delighted with the accommodation and service in Cardaci. Also, they had a great time in the pub “Kod Crnog Macka”, which is very popular among the locals. Live music and a wide selection of beers, local spirits, liqueurs, and delicious local dishes, means – super fun time!

As I came to Cardaci only for few hours I spent my time in a nice walk through the village and lunch in the beautiful restaurant “Kod Mlina” on the other bank of the river Lasva.

It is situated beside the watermill, after which the restaurant got its name, and under the lake, made from Lasva river, where is a big terrace with a view of the village. The main dishes are from fresh river fish, but there are also other local specialties as well as international. My parents and sister enjoyed in delicious smoked trout and, as I don’t like fish of any kind, in a veal steak.


Waterpark Ribica & Other Attractions

In the Ethno village Cardaci, you can’t be bored. During the summer, you can refresh yourself in the Waterpark Ribica. Swim in some of four swimming pools with water attractions, sunbathe on the beaches, drink cocktails and cold beer in bars or play volleyball and badminton on arranged courts. To provide their guests with great entertainment, often are organized performances of regional and international musicians.

Ethno village Čardaci isn’t big, but with its friendly staff and various attractions will make you come back.

Pub with Live Music
Accommodation in Wooden Cottages
Walking through the Ethno Village

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