Most Stunning Hiking Trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are bringing you a list of our top favourite hiking trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Find inspiration for your next hiking trip!

Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the central part, is a mostly hilly country with numerous mountains to explore. The scenery is breathtaking, and hiking trails are not crowded with hikers. In one word – paradise!

I chose these ten hiking trails in Bosnia because of the stunning views and because you can choose between easy to more adventurous hikes. But be aware once you start exploring the mountain range of the Dinaric Alps in Bosnia, you will fall in love with its wild side and scenery. You will want to see more. And luckily for you, we have many other hiking trails in Bosnia we wrote about at our site, just type in Bosnia in the search tab. 

Each hike listed below is a section of the long-distance trail of Via Dinarica, which traverses the Dinaric Alps’ enormous mountain range from Slovenia to Albania. 

Some of these walks are on the Green trail, crossing lower peaks and meadows and following river canyons. Others are part of the White Trail, which traverses the Dinaric Alps’ highest peaks, including Maglic – Bosnia’s highest peak. 

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Trebevic is a mountain rising from the Old town and center of Sarajevo. At its slopes are scattered few of the town’s first neighborhoods. 

Take a cable car near the City Hall and enjoy a scenic ride to Trebevic. You will get a fantastic bird’s eye perspective of Sarajevo nestled in a big valley surrounded by the mountains. 

Close to the cable car’s end are the remains of bobsled track dating from the 14th Winter Olympic Games held in 1984 in Sarajevo. During the 10-minute walk to the bobsled track, you will pass two viewpoints. Both are excellent photo ops of Sarajevo!

From here, continue through dense pine and fir forest until you reach the Pino Nature Hotel. This luxurious 4 star hotel offers visitors picturesque views and quiet retreats away from the hustle of everyday life. 

From the hotel starts a 2-to-3-hour long uphill (marked) trail to the top of Trebevic (1.629 m). If you’re a experience hiker this will be easy walk, but if you’re a beginner it can be moderately difficult. 

Descend via Western ridge and stop for delicious homemade food and drinks at Jure Franko Hut. At its terrace, you will have the best photo op of the day – Sarajevo in the valley and Dinaric Alps surrounding it.

View of Sarajevo in winter
Beautiful wild horses on the western ridge of Trebevic, just beneath the terrace of Jure Franko hut. And Sarajevo beneath the clouds.
Abandoned bobsled track at Trebevic
Drinking Bosnian coffee in Jure Franko Hut
Jure Franko Hut and sea of clouds above Sarajevo valley.


In the heart of Skakavac Nature Monument, there is a 98-meter tall fall, after which this protected area got its name. 

The trailhead is located 12 km northeast from Sarajevo’s central core. It is a 20 minutes drive through the town and on a small section of dirt road before reaching the cafe of Hotel Promaha, also known as Dragan’s cafe. The cafe has an interesting name, which translated into english means ‘windy place.’ And it’s actually not a hotel rather a small wooden cottage. 

Once you park, you will have a choice of two paths to see the fall or to walk both trails in a loop. By doing a circuit hike, you will traverse different scenery and terrain. One trail mostly follows a dirt road and comes to the viewpoint over the top of Skakavac fall. And another follows a forest path to the foot of the fall. This one is even more interesting as you come beneath the fall and you can feel water on your face. 

After a 4-hour long hike, reward yourself with homemade drinks and food at Hotel Promaha. The place has a home vibe and the host is super friendly.

Skakavac Waterfall sometimes gets frozen completely when the temperatures in winter drop very low. Credit: Damir Hamalukic.


The hiking trail to the medieval town of Bobovac will take you back through time to the era of the Bosnian Kingdom, and immerse you into the scenic landscape of the Bukovica river canyon.

The drive from Sarajevo to the ancient town of Kraljeva Sutjeska is just one-hour long via highway. It takes you through the countryside of central Bosnia. 

As you arrive in Kraljeva Sutjeska, which was once the seat of two Bosnian kings – Tomas and Tvrtko of the Kotromanic dynasty, park your car near the picturesque Franciscan monastery. Don’t miss to visit the church and museum of the monastery before or after the hike!

From this tiny ancient village, walk 5 km through the beautiful beech forest and deep canyon of the Bukovica river to the once fortified powerful town. At a high ridge above the canyon, you will see the remains of Bobovac fortress, the residence of Bosnia’s aristocracy from the 14th century until Bosnia lost its independence to the invading Ottomans. 

The only fully intact structure remaining in this fortified town is the mausoleum built during the last Bosnian Queen Katarina Kosaca.

Bobovac Medieval Royal City


Bjelasnica is one of the four Olympic mountains surrounding the capital town of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The drive from Sarajevo to Umoljani Village – the hike trailhead – takes you through a scenic landscape of Bosnia’s mountains. This 1-hour drive has numerous photo ops—one of my favorite mountain road trips in Bosnia

Once you park a car, you can choose from three hiking trails to Lukomir – the highest village in the country situated on the edge of the field and 800 meters above the deep canyon of Rakitnica River.

There is also the option to walk a circuit hike and get familiar with Bjelasnica Mountain and its numerous trails. It will take you around 8 hours to finish the loop. 

One trail traverses across the Obalj Peak and descends to Lukomir, giving you fantastic photo ops of the village and the canyon from above. The second trail runs through the canyon and rewards you with incredible views of Visocica Mountain, the left shore of Rakitnica. This river has carved an impressive gorge, which separates mountains Bjelasnica and Visocica.

The third trail, which is the easiest, follows the gravel road through the Dugo Polje field to Lukomir Village.

No matter what trails you choose, you will enjoy the lovely scenery of Bjelasnica Mountain.

On the edge of Long field, 800 meters high above the Rakitnica Canyon - Lukomir Village
Studeni Potok (Cold Creek)


To get to Visocica, you need to drive across Bjelasnica.

The drive itself has few photo ops. In around 1 hour and 30 minutes, you will get to the “Green Community,” also known as mountain hut Vrela in Tusila Village. Use the same road as for the Umoljani Village, just some 10 minutes further.

Once you park near Green Community, follow the marked trail through the forest that will take you to Vito Peak. As you come to the natural amphitheater, you will see Vito, the highest of the Visocica’s surrounding peaks.

At the peak, the 360-degree panorama will leave you speechless. It’s possible to see Lukomir highland village at Bjelasnica and Rakitnica Canyon, but also other surrounding mountains.

Follow the narrow marked trail across the ridge to make a loop hike back to Tusila Village. However, the ridge walk is not for those who suffer from vertigo due to fear of heights. In case you’re not comfortable with ridge walk returning the same way to the hut.

Green Community is not just a mountain hut; it is a hub for training, workshops, the Via Dinarica long-distance trail, and the Dinaric Alps’ environmental protection. It’s a place where you can get accommodation, eat homemade food, book a hiking or biking tour and meet like-minded people who love mountains and work on their protection.

Amazing amazing ridge walk from Vito Peak to Bobovica Village


The Kozice Waterfalls are breathtaking hidden gem situated in the central Bosnia, 11 km north of Fojnica town. 

Fojnica is a small town, just a 1-hour drive from Sarajevo. It’s a perfect one day trip with a short, up to one-hour long hike to reach the falls.

This set of three incredible waterfalls is hidden deep in the dense forest and has numerous photo ops.

For more waterfall hikes ideas read our ultimate guide to Bosnia Waterfalls 

Stunning falls off-the-beaten-path in central Bosnia. Credit: Damir Hamalukic


Cvrsnica Mountain is situated in Herzegovina, the southern region of the country. This gorgeous mountain is part of the Blidinje Nature Park. 

There are numerous trails to choose from, but the most popular is the hike to the natural arch of Hajducka Gate and Vilinac hut, a mountain hut at the highest altitude in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

This is a 4-5-hour long hike in one direction. Therefore I would recommend staying overnight at Vilinac hut so you could give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the scenic landscape and mesmerizing sunset. 

The drive from Sarajevo to the trailhead takes around 2 hours across the mountains and along the artificial Jablanicko lake. Make sure to have a camera close!

Mountain hut Vilinac is hut with the most stunning view in Bosnia, and hut at the highest altitude.
Natural arch with a view of amazing canyon of Diva Grabovica - when there are no clouds 🙂


Lelija is a mountain situated south-east from Sarajevo, next to the Sutjeska National Park. 

You can either stay in Sarajevo and drive around 1 hour and 30 minutes to the trailhead or in B&B at the Lalovic family house in Jelasca Village. 

The drive itself is very scenic – it takes you through two incredible canyons and across long pastures. 

The trailhead starts in Jelasca Village, around 3 km down the dirt road. The first section of the trail follows a dirt road through the forest, which is only suitable for an off-road vehicle. Afterward, the hiking trail climbs higher, across the meadows to the top of Lelija Mountain. 

If you go in August, you will enjoy picking blueberries along the trail. Yummy!

This out-and-back hike can be done in around 6 hours.

On our way to the top. Standing at this spot you feel like a king of the jungle. Credit: Damir Hamalukic


Zelengora is part of Sutjeska National Park, the oldest and biggest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

This gorgeous mountain is rich in glacial lakes and enormous pastures. Therefore, her name translated into English means Green Mountain. 

The hike trailhead is at the Donje Bare Lake, a lovely lake hidden in the forest. The drive from the national park’s headquarter takes around 1 hour, plus 2 hours from Sarajevo.

Gornje Bare, one of the eight beautiful mountain alpine lakes, is situated in the foot of Ugljesin Peak and surrounded by impressive Tovarnica ridge. On this hike, you will have a lot of photo ops, so be prepared!

You can stay in Hotel Mladost, the national park headquarter, or in the park’s cottage beside Donje Bare Lake.

Loop hike around the lakes and up to the peak and along the ridge.


Don’t miss hiking Maglic, Bosnia’s highest peak

This hike takes you on foot from Bosnia into Montenegro and back to Bosnia in one day. How cools is that?!

It is a strenuous adventure due to the high gain and loss of altitude. Usually, you will need around 8 hours to walk the loop hike to the Bosnia’s highest peak and descend to Trnovacko Lake. 

But seeing the heart-shaped lake of Trnovacko from Maglic’s ridge is definitely worth the effort. 

Next to the lake, there is a beautiful campsite. If you don’t have a tent, don’t worry, you can stay inside the cottage.  

You can also camp at Prijevor saddle for free. Prijevor is the trailhead and end of the hike.

Camping below Bosnia's highest peak
Love the view of Trnovacko Lake from the Maglic's ridge. I came on foot in Montenegro.

Additional information

  1. Cable car – return ticket costs 20 BAM (which is around 10 EUR, but you need to pay in local currency). 
  2. To get to Skakavac Waterfall, you can take a bus or a taxi. From the taxi stand at the BBI Shopping Center to the Hotel Promaha, at the time of writing, this ride costs about 20 BAM (Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Marks). From the bus stop on Sutjeska Street, which is close to the BBI shopping mall, take minibus number 69. Get off at the last stop—a one-way ticket costs around 2 BAM, at the time of writing.
  3. Franciscan monastery’s museum is open for visits on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. The entrance is free, but a donation is appreciated. 
  4. Get homemade lunch – delicious pies (cheese, potato, spinach) – at family-run restaurant Ljetna Basta Lukomir.
  5. From Fojnica to the picnic area of Vladica Vrh, the road is paved (8 km). From Vladica Vrh to Dragacici Village, and to the entrance into the area of Kozice Waterfalls, there is a 3 km macadam road. 
  6. The dirt road from the Sutjeska National Park headquarters to Donje Bare is usually suitable only for off-road vehicles. Take a trail Kovacev Panj – Donje Bare from the main road to avoid driving on the dirt road. 
  7. The entrance fee into the Sutjeska National Park is 5 BAM, at the time of writing.
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