Hey There, I’m Sabina Sirco, Founder Of The This Travel Site

I am passionate mountaineer, guide and traveler from Sarajevo. I enjoy promoting beautiful nature, cultural and historical heritage of the Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina. My goal is to contribute to the development of environmental awareness, love of nature and the need to preserve a healthy environment.

I think The Wild One site is different from other sites because it’s run by locals and founded by a professional guide and ambassador of Via Dinarica long-distance trail. I’m working as a mountain & culture guide for Green Visions travel agency and as a freelancer. 

What will you read here?

The Wild One is a travel site for the Balkan countries, including Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.

All these Balkans countries are presented through the eyes and experience of locals. We are encouraging locals to write about their lives on the Balkans, home town, village, neighbourhood, and nature. The best way to discover, and learn more about the Balkans is with the locals!

We here in The Wild One promote only sustainable tourism and responsible travel.

How did it all started?

My love for the mountains and nature dates back to the early years of my childhood. I inherited my passion for hiking from my aunt and grandparents, who were devoted mountaineers their whole life.

I often say to my friends and clients that hiking through dense forests, across mountains and untamed territory is like meditating. I have truly found myself and peace in hiking. 

As I adore to travel and hike, and I’m passionate in sharing stories about  the hidden gems of my homeland I started working as a mountain & culture guide in Green Visions travel agency.

In same time I have founded The Wild One blog, where I share tips and information about traveling to the Balkan region. This site is dedicated to sharing information about nature, cities, and culture of this region, and locals that live here. 

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir

Looking for a guide?

If you’re looking for a guide for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Slovenia send us an e-mail to: [email protected] 

Credit: Facundo Ratti




Written By: Anna Claire Eddington

"There is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than to see others when they get out of the comfort zone, the smile and pride on their faces when they succeed in something they did not believe they can do," Sabina Sirco. 

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February 2018 – Currently
Yoga Instructor

January – April 2017
Social Media Manager & Blogger & Video editor
Terra Dinarica

January 2017
Training for Mountain Guide A category
Mountaineering Association of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina

October 2016
“Western Balkans Adventure Travel Guide Training”
Adventure Travel Trade Association

March 2016 – Currently
Mountain & Cultural Guide at Green Visions travel company

October 2015 – Currently
Founder & CEO at The Wild One