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Perucica: Primeval Forest in Sutjeska National Park

Primeval forest Perucica is one of the few areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina where human has no impact and the forest grows undisturbed, by its natural laws.  Protection of Perucica forest in Bosnia, and Establishment of Sutjeska National Park The unique beauty of Perucica has been discovered in 1952 when it was declared as a strictly protected area that can be used only for scientific and educational purposes. What makes this forest speci ...


Jure Franko Hut Trebevic Mountain: Peaceful gateway in the Dinaric Alps

Jure Franko is a cozy wooden hut on the western ridge of Trebevic Mountain. It has a home vibe and a great view of Sarajevo!Located on the Olympic mountain Trebevic (1,629 m/asl or 5344.488 ft ), rising above Sarajevo, Jure Franko is easily accessible from the city center and Lukavica (East Sarajevo) by car and gondola lift or on foot. A 10-minute gondola ride from the Old town of Sarajevo deposits you onto routes toward the abandoned Olympic bob ...


Premuzic trail Croatia: Construction masterpiece through the most beautiful and inaccessible parts of Velebit

Premuzic Trail goes through the Northern Velebit National Park to Baske Ostarije in central Velebit. The popular mega-hiking trail Via Dinarica follows Premuzic mountain trail on the section that runs through Velebit mountain. Velebit is a mountain range in Croatia, situated between Licko and Gacko field and the Adriatic Sea. A natural border that separates Continental and Mediterranean Croatia. With its longitude of 145 km Velebit is the longest ...


Via Dinarica White trail on Zelengora Mountain:Donje Bare- Kovacev Panj

Via Dinarica White Trail runs across Zelengora mountain and then descends to the canyon of Sutjeska river. The last section on Zelengora Mountain goes from Donje Bare Lake to Kovacev Panj. Marking and Cleaning Hiking Trail A week before 25th May I received e-mail from Green Visions inviting us, trainees, and GV’s mountain guides and assistants to join volunteers from Terra Dinarica and Sutjeska National Park staff on a two-day action of ...


Easy homemade bread recipe

This is my mum's super easy homemade bread recipe. It's simple and quick, we promise! Even if you're a beginner in making homemade bread. Besides numerous photos, we even filmed the whole process of making bread and upload it on our YouTube channel. This time my mum has used sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and fennel flower seed to sprinkle over bread. But, you can use any other seeds you love. You will find the answer on questions like, how ...

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