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Balkan Rivers: Act Now, Stop Dam Tsunami!

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest The Balkans rivers are luckily still in good condition. Approximately 80% (30% in pristine and 50% in good or moderately modified state) of 35,000 river kilometers between Slovenia and Albania are in good or acceptable hydromorphological condition, according to EuroNatur and Riverwatch research. But, how long? I’m afraid we have very little tim ...


Sarajevo Hiking Trails that starts in the City Center

Here is a list of favorite Sarajevo hiking trails by locals. The best part is that you don't need a car! All trails listed below can be reached by foot from the city center. City-sightseeing can be exhausting. Break in the mountain can refresh you. Not only that you will be recharged by the fresh mountain air, but also by the stunning bird's eye view of Sarajevo and stunning scenery. From the walk along the abandoned bobsled track from the ...


Durmitor National Park: Parts of it you just must visit!

Durmitor National Park, situated on the northwest of Montenegro, is the biggest protected area in this Balkan country. One of five national parks in Montenegro. There is so much to say about Durmitor. Legends and stories from a everyday life of locals, and many things to do and see. Let's have a sneak peek into this stunning beauty! All those huge rock walls of Durmitor with nearly 50 peaks over 2.000 meters (6.561 ft.), that rise above ric ...


What to pack for a trip to Europe: Western Balkans

Working as a mountain & culture guide in the Western Balkans, I often hear from my clients they had to research what to pack for a trip to Europe, precisely Western Balkans before traveling to this region.To help you to prepare for your trip to the Western Balkans, I have decided to write a packing checklist and answer to the FAQ. As a local living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as a professional guide, I know what is essential to pack for ea ...

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