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Monument on the top of Maglic in Bosnia: Who and how built it?

Monument on the top of Maglic mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2.386 m.a.s.l.) was built in memory of the brave fighters of the National Liberation Army, also known as Partisans. Led by the Communist Party and Supreme Commander, Josip Broz Tito in June 1943 Partisans succeeded in defeating outnumbered Fascist troops in the wider Sutjeska area. The story on how the monument was built is still quite unknown, even in Bosnia. Many people hav ...


Ethno Village Cardaci: Forget about the stress of urban city life

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are few Ethno villages, tourist destinations that combine rustic architecture and traditional Bosnian motifs with natural surroundings. Perfect places for relaxing weekend getaways, team buildings, and business seminars. It’s like you are swept off in a completely another world. A fairytale world of small cottages, built and furnished in authentic Bosnian style with ponds and streams around it, and with ducks a ...


Easy homemade bread recipe

This is my mum's super easy homemade bread recipe. It's simple and quick, we promise! Even if you're a beginner in making homemade bread. Besides numerous photos, we even filmed the whole process of making bread and upload it on our YouTube channel. This time my mum has used sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and fennel flower seed to sprinkle over bread. But, you can use any other seeds you love. You will find the answer on questions like, how ...


Tara Rafting through the deepest canyon in Europe

Rafting on Tara river is a adventure suitable for any age, even children can enjoy in ride through the stunning Tara canyon. Tara River is the longest Montenegrian river, and it flows through the deepest canyon in Europe, which is after the Grand Canyon in the United States second deepest in the world.Together with Durmitor Mountain canyon of Tara makes a famous Durmitor National Park. While running between the mountains Tara has an average drop ...


Durmitor National Park Guide

Durmitor National Park draws thrill-seekers from all around the world. However, not only thrill-seekers but also those who just like to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains. It has it all!From swimming, or driving boat on the Black Lake, easy hikes, and chasing viewpoints to exposed rock scrambling and exhilarating hikes, cycling, zipline, and rafting through the deepest canyon in Europe.Here you can find everything you need to kno ...


Kotor Bay surrounded by the glorious slopes of ‘black mountains’

The English name 'Montenegro' was derived from the Latin name 'Montagne negro' (black mountain). There are many legends about the name of Montenegro. According to one, sailors gave the name 'Crna Gora' (Eng. Black Mountain), because while looking from the open sea they could see huge mountains covered with deep forests rising from the shores of the Adriatic Sea, dark and steep. Soon after we passed through the Herzegovinian town of Trebinje we ...

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