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Ethno Village Cardaci: Forget about the stress of urban city life

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are few Ethno villages, tourist destinations that combine rustic architecture and traditional Bosnian motifs with natural surroundings. Perfect places for relaxing weekend getaways, team buildings, and business seminars. It’s like you are swept off in a completely another world. A fairytale world of small cottages, built and furnished in authentic Bosnian style with ponds and streams around it, and with ducks a ...


Hike to Lukomir Highland Village Across Obalj (Video)

Lukomir is the highest and most isolated mountain village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated on Mt. Bjelašnica at 1472 m/a.s.l In videos below you can see sections of a hike to Lukomir over Obalj peak. Our starting point was Umoljani village (1353 m/a.s.l.) from were we went uphill to the summer shepherd village of Gradina. Here we turned right towards the Obalj ridge. While climbing to the Obalj peak (1896 m/a.s.l.) we enjoyed walking ...


Ciro Trail Sarajevo: Walk on the old Austro-Hungarian railway line

Abandoned railway line of the Ciro train, known today as Ciro Trail Sarajevo - Pale is today used by hikers and cyclists. Ciro is the name of a famous Austro-Hungarian steam train from the 20th century. It transported passengers daily on a narrow-gauge railway line connecting today's Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia. One of Ciro lines went from Sarajevo to Višegrad and Dobrun settlement, which is located near the border with Serb ...


Jure Franko Hut Trebevic Mountain: Peaceful gateway in the Dinaric Alps

Jure Franko is a cozy wooden hut on the western ridge of Trebevic Mountain. It has a home vibe and a great view of Sarajevo!Located on the Olympic mountain Trebevic (1,629 m/asl or 5344.488 ft ), rising above Sarajevo, Jure Franko is easily accessible from the city center and Lukavica (East Sarajevo) by car and gondola lift or on foot. A 10-minute gondola ride from the Old town of Sarajevo deposits you onto routes toward the abandoned Olympic bob ...


What it takes to become a mountain guide?

To work as a mountain guide is fun but at the same time a very demanding job. Guiding means providing a safe and rewarding experience for your clients, so you've gotta enjoy interacting with new people and know how to do it depending on the situation. You need to be a teacher, psychologist, a best friend and a doctor at the same time.For the last four years, I have been guiding hiking trips for Green Visions, a travel agency based in Sarajevo. My ...

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