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Hiking is like meditating: Power of Nature

Hiking across stunning mountains in southeastern Europe helps me to relax and connect with myself in the most powerful way. Mountains are the only place where all my problems and worries totally disappear for at least a couple of hours. For a long time, I wanted to write about my love for mountains and hiking. I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts. Why do I love to hike? How did I fell in love with the mountains? To explain to you that, f ...


Durmitor National Park: Parts of it you just must visit!

Durmitor National Park, situated on the northwest of Montenegro, is the biggest protected area in this Balkan country. One of five national parks in Montenegro. There is so much to say about Durmitor. Legends and stories from a everyday life of locals, and many things to do and see. Let's have a sneak peek into this stunning beauty! All those huge rock walls of Durmitor with nearly 50 peaks over 2.000 meters (6.561 ft.), that rise above ric ...


Via Dinarica Lelija Mountain (Bosnia)

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest Via Dinarica traverses across Lelija Mountain to Zelengora and enters into the Sutjeska National Park. The stage across Lelija and stage through the national park are the last stages of the Via Dinarica trail in Bosnia.Walkthrough dense forest and paths of wild blueberries, and climb up the steep hillside to get atop Lelija Mountain. And enjoy ...


The Village of Lukomir – Port of peace!

Lukomir, the highest and most isolated mountain village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hidden from the civilization at 1.472metres above sea level. When we look from Sarajevo towards the Mt. Bjelašnica we can only see the northern part and the highest ridge of the Mountain (2.068m) with weather station built on it for Winter Olympics in 1894.  Southern parts covered with beautiful green meadows and paddocks are hidden from the view. Umoljani Vill ...


What it takes to become a mountain guide?

To work as a mountain guide is fun but at the same time a very demanding job. Guiding means providing a safe and rewarding experience for your clients, so you've gotta enjoy interacting with new people and know how to do it depending on the situation. You need to be a teacher, psychologist, a best friend and a doctor at the same time.For the last four years, I have been guiding hiking trips for Green Visions, a travel agency based in Sarajevo. My ...


Premuzic Trail Croatia: Guide for 3-Day Hike

One of my favorite hikes I have done in Croatia is Premuzic Trail. Croatia has a lot of wonderful hikes, but Velebit has a special place in my heart. This mountain will, for sure, steal your heart with its stunning and diverse landscape. Premuzic Trail takes you through the most inaccessible part of Velebit. The trail is built of drystone and goes through the most impressive karst formation I have ever seen. But, it's not just this what makes Pre ...

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