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Hiking is like meditating: Power of Nature

Hiking across stunning mountains in southeastern Europe helps me to relax and connect with myself in the most powerful way. Mountains are the only place where all my problems and worries totally disappear for at least a couple of hours. For a long time, I wanted to write about my love for mountains and hiking. I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts. Why do I love to hike? How did I fell in love with the mountains? To explain to you that, f ...


Ciro Trail Sarajevo: Walk on the old Austro-Hungarian railway line

Abandoned railway line of the Ciro train, known today as Ciro Trail Sarajevo - Pale is today used by hikers and cyclists. Ciro is the name of a famous Austro-Hungarian steam train from the 20th century. It transported passengers daily on a narrow-gauge railway line connecting today's Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia. One of Ciro lines went from Sarajevo to Višegrad and Dobrun settlement, which is located near the border with Serb ...


Via Dinarica Bosnia: Story from a hike to Lukomir

In the summer of 2016, all 350 km of Bosnia and Herzegovina's segment of White Trail was officially open. That meant thru-hikers all over the world had a green light to explore off beaten paths of Via Dinarica in Bosnia. The year 2016 was the year when first hikers came to backpack the entire 1,260 km of the White Trail from Slovenia to Albania or vice versa. Four years later, locals see many benefits of Via Dinarica, and there are more and mo ...


The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovinan is placed in the center area of Sarajevo, in the neighborhood called Marijin Dvor (eng. Maria's Yard). It stands between the pedestrian area of Vilsnonovo šetalište, History Museum, and Faculty of Philosophy. Constructed in the spirit of the Italian Renaissance, with four pavilions joined by a terrace and botanical garden in the center, it looks like a castle from a fairy-tale.  For sure a place t ...


Maglic Mountain: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Highest Peak

Maglic Mountain arises on the south-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the border with Montenegro. Although on the first glimpse, Bosnian Maglic looks higher, it is 10 meters lower than the top of Maglic in Montenegro.  With its 2386 m/ASL Bosnian Maglic is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina.This mountain is part of the hundreds of kilometers long mountain range of Dinaric Alps in the Southern and Southeastern Europe. The new long-distanc ...


Jure Franko Hut Trebevic Mountain: Peaceful gateway in the Dinaric Alps

Jure Franko is a cozy wooden hut on the western ridge of Trebevic Mountain. It has a home vibe and a great view of Sarajevo!Located on the Olympic mountain Trebevic (1,629 m/asl or 5344.488 ft ), rising above Sarajevo, Jure Franko is easily accessible from the city center and Lukavica (East Sarajevo) by car and gondola lift or on foot. A 10-minute gondola ride from the Old town of Sarajevo deposits you onto routes toward the abandoned Olympic bob ...

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