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Perucica: Primeval Forest in Sutjeska National Park

Primeval forest Perucica is one of the few areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina where human has no impact and the forest grows undisturbed, by its natural laws.  Protection of Perucica forest in Bosnia, and Establishment of Sutjeska National Park The unique beauty of Perucica has been discovered in 1952 when it was declared as a strictly protected area that can be used only for scientific and educational purposes. What makes this forest speci ...


Via Dinarica White trail on Zelengora Mountain:Donje Bare- Kovacev Panj

Via Dinarica White Trail runs across Zelengora mountain and then descends to the canyon of Sutjeska river. The last section on Zelengora Mountain goes from Donje Bare Lake to Kovacev Panj. Marking and Cleaning Hiking Trail A week before 25th May I received e-mail from Green Visions inviting us, trainees, and GV’s mountain guides and assistants to join volunteers from Terra Dinarica and Sutjeska National Park staff on a two-day action of ...


Day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

If you're spending a summer vacation in Dubrovnik, use the opportunity to take a day trip to Montenegro and stunning Kotor Bay.Dubrovnik is a small Mediterian town situated on the furthest south of the Croatian Adriatic coast, quite close to the border with Montenegro. Surrounded by many islands, Dubrovnik is considered to be a premier destination in the Mediterranean region.It is known for its distinctive Old town from the 16th century, encircle ...


Belgrade Parks: Green oasis of Belgrade you must visit!

Belgrade parks are lungs of this metropolis situated in Southern Europe. The life in big cities is always bustling. Big buildings, roads, heavy traffic, and noisy streets. One big concrete jungle. Every day more and more roads and buildings are built and surfaces paved. But, luckily every city has an oasis of nature called park. There you can find your peace and break from the bustle of everyday life. The parks are the lungs of the cities. ...


Balkan Rivers: Act Now, Stop Dam Tsunami!

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest The Balkans rivers are luckily still in good condition. Approximately 80% (30% in pristine and 50% in good or moderately modified state) of 35,000 river kilometers between Slovenia and Albania are in good or acceptable hydromorphological condition, according to EuroNatur and Riverwatch research. But, how long? I’m afraid we have very little tim ...

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