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Best of Novi Sad and its surrounding

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia and the administrative center of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Located in the southern part of the fertile Pannonian Plain, on the banks of the huge Danube river, and near Fruska Gora mountain, Novi Sad has a lot to offer. Beautiful architecture, worldwide festivals, and events, wine trails, a taste of homemade cuisine at “Salaš” farmsteads and “čardas”, beautiful nature and many Orthodox monaster ...


Journey to Jelsa, Hvar island – Croatia’s sunniest island

Travel from Sarajevo to Hvar island by bus and ferry. The easiest way to travel to Hvar island. Hvar island is one of the sunniest islands in Croatia. If you're are traveling through the Balkans in summer my recommendation would be to travel before or after visting Sarajevo to visit Hvar island and to have your base in Jelsa. The Bus Travel Sarajevo-Split On Sunday night I started my trip from Sarajevo to the town of Jelsa on Hvar Island. ...


Via Dinarica Bosnia: Story from a hike to Lukomir

In the summer of 2016, all 350 km of Bosnia and Herzegovina's segment of White Trail was officially open. That meant thru-hikers all over the world had a green light to explore off beaten paths of Via Dinarica in Bosnia. The year 2016 was the year when first hikers came to backpack the entire 1,260 km of the White Trail from Slovenia to Albania or vice versa. Four years later, locals see many benefits of Via Dinarica, and there are more and mo ...


Via Dinarica Visocica Mountain

The Via Dinarica section across Visocica Mountain takes you from the Herzegovina region towards central Bosnia and the hearth of the country. Vast pastures, walk along the ridgeline, and stunning 360-degree panorama view of surrounding mountains is something that will blow the mind of any hiker. Placing one foot in front of the other, you embark on the journey of discovery of the wild places, mountains, and meeting highlanders of the Dinaric Alps ...


Sarajevo Tourism Festival – inspiration, hard work and love

Sarajevo Tourism Festival is a long-standing fair organized by Public Enterprise Center “Skenderija” from19th to 21st October 2017. This was the combination of the 39th International tourism and touristic stock market and the 6th International hotel and catering equipment and catering fair in one extraordinary event. Total 75 exhibitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Indonesia, and India presented visitors their work, ...


Ciro Trail Sarajevo: Walk on the old Austro-Hungarian railway line

Abandoned railway line of the Ciro train, known today as Ciro Trail Sarajevo - Pale is today used by hikers and cyclists. Ciro is the name of a famous Austro-Hungarian steam train from the 20th century. It transported passengers daily on a narrow-gauge railway line connecting today's Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia. One of Ciro lines went from Sarajevo to Višegrad and Dobrun settlement, which is located near the border with Serb ...

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