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The Dinaric Alps – Magic of summer and winter seasons at Treskavica Mountain

Treskavica Mountain is part of Dinaric Alps mountain range and placed south of the capital Sarajevo. There are those places that leave you speechless. You only feel positive energy flowing through your entire body. You can't hide a smile from your face. You're in love. Happy. Feelings wake up and you don't know what to say. This is how I feel every time I go to Treskavica. When I walk through the dense forests and vast meadows. Meadows rich ...


The Waterfall Crni Vir in Herzegovina – Wild Swimming Spot

If you like spending time in nature, but not eager to walk a lot then visit Crni Vir Waterfall is perfect for you. This 300 meters high cascading waterfall is quite unknown, even among many Bosnian citizens. Bosnia and Herzegovina isn't that big country, but it is full of natural wonders. It is rich with dense forests, numerous rivers, lakes, and beautiful wild mountains. The most of these extraordinary places are still mysteries waiting to ...


Jure Franko Hut Trebevic Mountain: Peaceful gateway in the Dinaric Alps

Jure Franko is a cozy wooden hut on the western ridge of Trebevic Mountain. It has a home vibe and a great view of Sarajevo!Located on the Olympic mountain Trebevic (1,629 m/asl or 5344.488 ft ), rising above Sarajevo, Jure Franko is easily accessible from the city center and Lukavica (East Sarajevo) by car and gondola lift or on foot. A 10-minute gondola ride from the Old town of Sarajevo deposits you onto routes toward the abandoned Olympic bob ...


Premuzic Trail Croatia: Guide for 3-Day Hike

One of my favorite hikes I have done in Croatia is Premuzic Trail. Croatia has a lot of wonderful hikes, but Velebit has a special place in my heart. This mountain will, for sure, steal your heart with its stunning and diverse landscape. Premuzic Trail takes you through the most inaccessible part of Velebit. The trail is built of drystone and goes through the most impressive karst formation I have ever seen. But, it's not just this what makes Pre ...


Maglic Mountain: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Highest Peak

Maglic Mountain arises on the south-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the border with Montenegro. Although on the first glimpse, Bosnian Maglic looks higher, it is 10 meters lower than the top of Maglic in Montenegro.  With its 2386 m/ASL Bosnian Maglic is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina.This mountain is part of the hundreds of kilometers long mountain range of Dinaric Alps in the Southern and Southeastern Europe. The new long-distanc ...


Balkan Rivers: Act Now, Stop Dam Tsunami!

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Pinterest The Balkans rivers are luckily still in good condition. Approximately 80% (30% in pristine and 50% in good or moderately modified state) of 35,000 river kilometers between Slovenia and Albania are in good or acceptable hydromorphological condition, according to EuroNatur and Riverwatch research. But, how long? I’m afraid we have very little tim ...

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