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Zelengora:Green Mountain in Sutjeska National Park

Zelengora is one of four mountains (Maglic, Volujak, and Vucevo) which together make the biggest and oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina- Sutjeska National Park. The canyon of the Sutjeska river is a natural border between Zelengora on one side and Maglic and Volujak on another side of the river bank. After passing by mountains of Bjelasnica and Visocica and foothills of Treskavica, the White route of Via Dinarica climbs across Leli ...


Hiking in Bosnia: 5 Days on Bjelasnica Mountain

Thinking about hiking in Bosnia, but not sure where? If you would like to base yourself in one place, and from there to go on one-day hikes, then Mrtvanjski Stanari at Bjelasnica Mountain are the best choice. These single-day hikes will leave you breathless as you will explore the hearth of this incredible mountain. You will enjoy awe-inspiring 360-degree panorama views from numerous pastures and meadows or Bjelasnica's high peaks.For my first hi ...


Journey to Jelsa, Hvar island – Croatia’s sunniest island

Travel from Sarajevo to Hvar island by bus and ferry. The easiest way to travel to Hvar island. Hvar island is one of the sunniest islands in Croatia. If you're are traveling through the Balkans in summer my recommendation would be to travel before or after visting Sarajevo to visit Hvar island and to have your base in Jelsa. The Bus Travel Sarajevo-Split On Sunday night I started my trip from Sarajevo to the town of Jelsa on Hvar Island. ...


Umoljani Village Loop Hike

Umoljani Village loop hike on Bjelašnica Mountain. The hike starts in Umoljani Village and goes to Gradina summer shepherd settlement, over Studeni Potok Valley to the entrance into Rakitnica Canyon. While we were still in Sarajevo preparing for departure and during our drive to our destination, it was typical spring weather – sun, occasional downpour and a little bit of hail.After about an hour and a half, we arrived in Umoljani Village, situate ...


European Youth Olympic Festival in Sarajevo & East Sarajevo

European Youth Olympic Festival 2019 took place in East Sarajevo and Sarajevo, from 9th to 16th February. Beside XIV Olympic Winter Games in 1984, this is the second Olympic event held in Sarajevo. I belong to a younger generation that wasn't there to see the 1984 Olympics. But, we all have memories from our parents and family. Every citizen of Sarajevo had some role in making Sarajevo the most memorable host. I admit I am jealous I wasn't part o ...

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